Alcatel Jabra Link 14201-09 EHS Cable

Alcatel 14201-09 EHS Jabra Link Cable

Alcatel 14201-09 EHS Jabra Link Cable
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The Jabra Link 14201-09 Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) provides you with freedom to move away from your Alcatel phone.

You can answer calls from wherever you are, in your office.  When a call is received, you will hear a tone in your ear.  Simply press the talk button to answer the call.   Press again to hang up.

No more rushing back to your desk to answer calls. The Jabra Link 14201-09 Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) module enables wireless headset users to place or receive calls without the need to lift the handset of your Alcatel phones. 

The 14201-09 Alcatel EHS supports all Alcatel 8-Series (IP) and Alcatel 9 Series (UA) model phones. These phones are IP Touch 4028(1), IP Touch 4038, IP Touch 4068, 4029(1) and 4039 models. 

The Jabra Link 14201-09 Alcatel  EHS works with the following Jabra wireless headsets: Jabra GN9350e, Jabra GN9330e and Jabra GN9120 EHS.

For the Jabra PRO 920, Jabra PRO 9400 Series and Jabra GO 6470 you should use the Jabra Link 14201-36 for Alcatel.

With the Jabra Alcatel EHS cable, plus a compatible Jabra wireless headset, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Always be aware of incoming calls, even when away from your desk, with the headset ring alert.
  • Freedom to move around the office and accept and end calls from wherever you are with your wireless headset call control button.
  • Direct connection to your Alcatel IP phone, which eliminates the need for a mechanical handset lifter device (i.e. GN1000 RHL).


(1) The headset feature in these phones may have to be enabled. To verify that your phone is set up to use this cable:

  • Go to Settings > Phone> Jack plug > Headset on the phone.
  • Make sure the Headset checkbox on the main screen is unchecked. The phone then automatically detects the headset when it is plugged in.
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