snom EHS Advanced Adaptor

snom EHS Advanced Adaptor

snom EHS Advanced Adaptor
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The snom EHS wireless headset adapter snom-2362 is the bridge between professional snom VoIP telephony and professional wireless headsets.

EHS means Electronic Hook Switch and is a feature that enables certain wireless headsets to answer and terminate calls directly from you wireless headset by pressing a call control key. In other words, apart from the pure speech transmission, EHS makes call control possible directly at the headset.

By using EHS, telephones and headsets of different manufacturers can be combined. The snom EHS solution supports both wireless headsets from GN Netcom/Jabra as well as devices from Plantronics. This requires a corresponding connector at the headset.

This snom-2362 EHS solution consists of an EHS adapter box and necessary cables.

Key Features

  • Fully compatible with Jabra & Plantronics wireless headset models
  • Complete freedom of movement
  • Signaling of ringtone in your headset
  • Call answering on your headset
  • Call termination on your headset
  • Perfect integration of firmware
  • vendor specific EHS protocols
  • DHSG Standard
  • No additional power supply required
  • Easy to connect
  • Supported by the following snom phones:
    •  3xx ( 7.3.30 + bootloader 1.1.3u and higher)
    •  7xx ( and higher), requires aditional snom7xx Adapter Cable, and
    •  8xx (8.4.32 and higher)

Jabra Supported Headsets

  • Jabra PRO 920 (920-65-508-105)
  • Jabra GO 6400 (6470-15-207-501)
  • Jabra GN9330 (9337-508-xxx)
  • Jabra GN9350 (9356-607-xxx)
  • Jabra GN9210 (9120-28-xx , 9120-30-xx , 9120-48-xx, 9129-808-111, 9129-808-101)

Plantronics Supported Headsets

  • Savi W710 (83545-12)
  • Savi W720 (83544-12)
  • Savi W730 (83543-12)
  • Savi W740 (83542-12)
  • CS530 (86305-02)
  • CS540 (84693-02)
  • CS510 (84691-02)
  • CS520 (84692-02)
  • Bundle MDA200+Voyager pro UC (87457-01)
  • Savi Office WO200 (79957-0x)
  • Savi Office WO100 (79956-0x)
  • CS70N (39448-02)
  • CS60 (36995-11)
  • CS351N (39986-02)
  • CS361N (39261-02)
  • Voyager 510 System (72272-45)


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